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What is needed in order for a wound to heal? There are basically six things that the body needs to heal a wound: protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc. The protein is needed by the body to help make new tissue while the vitamins and minerals support enzymes that do the tissue re-building. We recommend the following supplements to support the process of wound healing.

The skin and tissues beneath it are made up primarily of protein. In order to heal quickly, your body needs an adequate supply of protein. You might be saying to yourself, "I eat plenty of protein, why do I need a supplement?" We have found that there are many people that are not digesting and absorbing much of the protein that they are consuming! We have had countless customers that have benefited tremendously from the addition of a high quality protein supplement to their diet.

The best protein supplement on the market is called
SEACURE®. Seacure® is a pre-digested protein supplement made from white fish fillets. What is unique about this product is its high bioavailability! The fish fillets are digested using a marine organism discovered by a South American scientist! Harsh chemical and physical treatments are typically used to produce most protein supplements. This processing denatures (destroys) the natural configuration of the proteins and produces a product that is not completely absorbed and utilized by the human body. SEACURE® on the otherhand is not produced using harsh chemical and physical treatments and the results speak for themselves! Our customers have obtained excellent results with this product. SEACURE® is excellent for helping the body to heal from ALL kinds of damage. In addition to helping skin wounds to heal faster, SEACURE® also helps people with infections, autoimmune conditions, surgery, cancer, chemotherapy side effects, and AIDS. It also works wonders in nourishing premature babies as well as helping elderly individuals to maintain their strength.

Besides protein the body needs adeqaute levels of the following vitamins and minerals to repair damaged tissue: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc. An acronym for these is ACES+Zn. We recommend 10,000 I.U. of vitamin A, 500 milligram of vitamin C, 400 I.U. of vitamin E, 100 micrograms of selenium and 15 mg of zinc. Women that are pregnant or considering pregnancy need to keep their intake of vitamin A at or below 10,000 I.U. because vitamin A can cause birth defects at high levels.

Vitamin A is crucial to helping the skin make new cells to replace damaged ones. A deficiency of vitamin A can result in dry, scaly skin because the skin cannot repair itself adequately. Vitamin C is needed by enzymes that make collagen and other proteins that make up the skin. Vitamin E is well-known by many to help reduce scarring and is used by some people topically for this purpose. Selenium is crucial for anti-oxidant functions that help minimize tissue damage. Zinc is absolutely crucial to wound healing. Individuals that are zinc-defecient are known to heal slowly.

ACES+Zn® is a great wound-healing formula. ACES+Zn® contains all of the above vitamins and minerals in one simple to take formula. ACES+Zn® contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E plus selenium and zinc. All of these ingredients are important for tissue repair as well as for maintaining healthy skin. We highly recommend ACES+Zn® for wound healing as well as for keeping your skin healthy. Two softgels contain 10,000 IU of vitamin A(as beta carotene); 500 mg of vitamin C; 400 IU of vitamin E; 100 micrograms of selenium and 15 mg of zinc.

We also recommend that you use
SCAR SO SOFT(tm) on the wound as soon as it has closed completely. SCAR SO SOFT(tm) will help prevent scar tissue from forming in the first place which is a much better than letting a large scar form and then trying to get rid of it later. But SCAR SO SOFT(tm) does work on old scars, it just takes a little longer to get rid of the scar than preventing its formation in the first place.

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