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SCAR SO SOFT(tm) Is Amazing!If you have a scar or keloid, you may have resigned yourself to live with it even though it is unsightly. You know that scars & keloids can be difficult to get rid of once they are formed. Well now there is a product that can help you get rid of scars & keloids! This amazing product is called SCAR SO SOFT(tm).

SCAR SO SOFT(tm) is formulated to help your skin get rid of scars & keloids and replace them with normal skin tissue. SCAR SO SOFT(tm) is a mixture of several different herbal oils along with agents that penetrate and soften the skin. The herbal oils in SCAR SO SOFT(tm) actually resolve your scar tissue and stimulate your skin to make normal tissue to replace it!

Tamanu NutsHow does it do this? Well, one of the ingredients that SCAR SO SOFT(tm) contains is called tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is an amazing herbal oil that has been used for centuries in Polynesian cultures. Tamanu oil works wonders on your skin! You may have noticed that most Polynesian women have very healthy and young-looking skin. Tamanu oil is part of their secret. Tamanu oil actually helps your skin to regenerate itself! That's right. It helps your skin to make healthy, new skin. We have not seen any other herbal oil like it! For centuries Polynesians have used this oil for treating a wide variety of skin problems i.e. scars, keloids, wounds, burns, sunburns, rashes and dry skin.

CalendulaIn addition to tamanu oil, SCAR SO SOFT(tm) also contains Calendula officinalis which is also called marigold. Calendula has a long history of helping the skin to heal itself. Calendula has been used to help heal wounds, bruises, burns and ulcers. Calendula is also anti-microbial, thereby helping to prevent skin infections.

PrunellaSCAR SO SOFT(tm) also contains Prunella vulgaris, commonly known by the names self-heal, all-heal and woundwort. Prunella has a long tradition as a wound-healing herb as its name suggests. Historically, the fresh leaves of Prunella were used in compresses that were applied to cuts and wounds. Prunella helps cuts and wounds to heal quickly and cleanly thereby reducing scarring. Prunella's gentle astringency also helps reduce bleeding from cuts and wounds.

ComfreySCAR SO SOFT(tm) also contains Symphytum officinale, commonly known as comfrey. Symphytum contains ingredients (i.e. allantoin) that actually accelerate wound healing, thereby reducing the tendency for scar tissue to form. Symphytum, like Prunella, is also astringent and helps reduce bleeding from cuts and wounds.

SCAR SO SOFT(tm) helps resolve old scars that are due to surgery, injury, cesareans, acne, insect bites, burns and ulcers. Yes that's right, "old" scars. The results we have been obtaining are amazing. If you have an old or new scar that you would like to get rid of, click HERE to order it! It comes with our 30 Day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Check out the feedback as well as the before and after photos that we have received from our customers that have used SCAR SO SOFT(tm).

Price - $24.95 for a 1 ounce (30 ml) bottle.

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